Closet Office Reveal

Well, this project has been in the works for a while, and I couldn’t be more happy with the end result! 


Yep, that’s my super awesome new office space!!  Isn’t it just beautiful!?    When we did the basement overhaul, I convinced the hubs to let me have this space to do anything I wanted…and then I had a vision.  I am not sure if you remember, but that far space across the way was a closet with UGLY mirrored doors on it, ewww!  We trashed those, built my zen space with a closet office, where I can enjoy all my favorite hobbies….reading, scrapbooking, crafting, meditation, scripture reading, sewing, crocheting, etc.  Not only that, but in just a couple short weeks I will begin my specialist degree online.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to have this beautiful space to work on my degree, work on Healthy Girls work, work on WISE Family work, and even spend a little time on Pinterest.

Now let’s move on to what you really want to see…the pictures!!!


Let’s start with this chair…I mean come on….so beautiful!!!  And the ottoman that sits in front of it belonged to my great grandfather, and my grandfather (where most of my memories take place).  It has been re-covered many times and been multiple colors.  My sweet grandpa had it re-covered before he passed away, but never refinished the legs.  I will never touch their beauty since I think they are perfect just the way they are…I wish those legs could talk….imagine the stories they would tell!



Next up this is beautiful piece we picked up at Sam’s Club of all places.  This hutch fit my “look” perfectly and is just perfect between the windows.  Here I will store blankets, sewing fabric, yarn, and crochet needles.


Sometimes I have a hard time deciding what I like better…the chair…or the couch.  Ahhhh I love this piece!!




And the best part of the space…the closet office!!  We painted the inside the same grey as they upstairs bedroom to separate the space a little.  There is so much amazingness going on in this little space…


To the right…my bookshelf, which will store books, “to-do”project bucket, yarn/ribbon, glue guns,  writing utensils, etc.  I have a lot more stuff to move in, so I am sure I will fill up these shelves quickly Smile


I am in love with this super cool wall hanging.  And the best part is that I get to display my grandfather’s cameras.  He knew how much I loved photography and wanted me to have his cameras before he passed!  Wow…now that I think about it, my grandpa is very present in my space!!



When I am sitting at my desk and look to the right (inside the closet) I see a great work space and a couple of images that are super special to me.


Right in front of me I get to look at the beautiful piece of artwork I got Hubs on our Wedding day.  And of course this precious little lamp that we picked up at the antique store last weekend!



Speaking of antiques….here is another little gem that we found at the antique store last weekend.  Have you ever shopped for an antique chair?  It is super hard to find one that is sturdy and doesn’t need tons of love!  We came across this beauty and couldn’t pass her up!  She is from 1900, very sturdy, already refinished, super comfortable, stamped from the Marble & Shattuck Chair Company, and just has the most simplistic beauty!


When I look to my left (inside the closet) I get to see all my toys. Smile  Hubs made the custom shelves for me to store all my electronic goodies for easy access.


Above my head you have the amazing hanging skills of Hubs in play!  This super HEAVY shelving was the perfect color and size, and so he made it work for me!!  Here is where I store my embroidery machine accessories, my cameras + accessories, and my electronics such as my external hard drives and such.


One of my little hidden secrets to the beauty of this space is that the inside of the closet wall is unfinished!  Yep – that means I have tons of little hidden shelves to hide the ugly stuff like paint, glitter, modge podge, wrapping paper, etc.!  Tons of space!!!


Since some people will be curious, here is a run down on the supplies and where we got them:

  • Baskets in hanging shelf, cork boards on wall, trash can, picture frames on inside right, Desk, bookshelf, mirror, and hanging shelf – from Walmart – yep, you read that right!
  • Lamp, chair, and bird candle (smells amazing by the way!!) – antique stores in Cleveland, Buford and Braselton GA
  • Sofa and Lounge Chair – American Signature Furniture
  • Curio Cabinet – Sams Club
  • Arrow picture hangers, hooks for wreaths (next to mirror) – Hobby Lobby
  • Rug, green wreaths, dog book holder, storage cubes (grey and white), octagon wall hanging – Target
  • Ceiling Light Fixture and “to-do” basket – Lowes
  • Cameras, Antique Bible, Ottoman – Family Antiques (the best kind)!


Yeah, so I used the words “love” and “beautiful” a lot in this post….I think I am in LOVE with my BEAUTIFUL new space!!! 

And coming up next….



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