365 Days with the Lord

**Personal Post**

This year I have committed to writing out 365 bible verses.  Why?  Because it causes me to sit with the Lord, spend time with the Lord, and reflect on the words of the Lord.


I have a little confession to make…I am not a good prayer, a good scripture reader, or even a good christian…none of us are really.  My goal this year is  to make God first.  Sure, I have made Him a priority this past year, but God and I have had a few disagreements in the past.  I just couldn’t seem to get a handle on the fact that ultimately I am NOT in control…and I really can’t have a full and complete life until I realize that God is in control…AND hardest of all…hand EVERYTHING over to him and STOP trying to control my destiny!

Many times I make decisions first and then talk to God about it later.  I am sure he gets a few laughs out of my fumbles, and sometimes he is probably even disappointed in my choices.  This year I will be purposeful in putting prayer first!


I will tell you that my sweet daddy prompted this choice for me.  At Christmas he wrote a family letter telling all of us specifically, individually and as couples, how he is proud of us.  (We also watched the AMAZING movie “War Room” – watch it – you must!!)  At the end of the letter he included a small monetary amount and asked us to share this with someone in need.  I have held on to this money and have yet to be called to give it.  Finally, God slapped me on the forehead (like those V-8 commercials) and said, “If you would pray about it, and ask me, I would be happy to tell you what to do with it!”  So right there I promised God that I would pray over that money…and then it snowballed…I will pray over my marriage, my travels, my finances, my fertility (thats the hardest for me).  I will hand it ALL over to God!


So shortly after that, while scrolling through Facebook, I found this Scripture Writing Plan.  In the past I had seen these and thought they were silly.  Why copy bible verses down?  Just read it and reflect on it and you should be good right?!  Well, since I needed some direction in my prayer I decided to try it…just for these 31 days…let’s see what happens…can’t hurt right?!

Let me tell y’all something…EVERY SINGLE VERSE spoke directly to me!  To my fears, my hurts, my wishes and dreams!!  Wow!


I would turn on Pandora to “Vertical Church Band” and I copied one verse a day (it really did only take me 10 minutes + doodle time).  After I copied the verse I would spend some time doodling, praying, and talking with God. (Sometimes I would doodle first….depending on my mood that day!)  Taking the time to doodle is what really would calm me down, almost like meditation!


It has created a peace in me…and proved that God has just been waiting for me to show up.  This small act of coping a verse a day has renewed my faithfulness and inspired me to reach a goal of writing a verse a day for the entire year of 2016!


Will you join me?  Just try for a month and see what amazing plans God has in store for you!  Do you need help?  I will be happy to help you find a list of verses to start with, or go back and spend just 31 days trying the verses above…I promise you won’t regret it!




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