We love you, but you CAN’T come to the hospital!!

So here it goes…the post that is going to tick some people off, make some people sad, and hopefully, for some, have people saying, “You go girl!”

We are allowing absolutely NO visitors to the hospital when we deliver our sweet bundle of joy! Yep, you read that right…none, nada, zip, zilch…NO ONE.  (Well…my parents are going to be there – if they can get there in time – because I want my momma in the delivery room with me…but really…NO ONE ELSE!!)

So now that you are totally ticked you won’t be able to hold my little cub for the first few days of their life…let me tell you why:

  1.  It’s OUR family…not yours 🙂  As excited as you are to meet the new cub, and as much as many of you have prayed for us….Joe and I have prayed harder, cried longer, dreamed bigger.  This is our little family.  Give us some time to process what just happened.  I will be a MOM and he will be a DAD – whoa!  We need some time to let it sink in that it isn’t just the two of us anymore.  We need some time to get to know our cub.
  2. Sleep – Um, so….who knows how my delivery will go, but I am pretty sure no matter how it plays out, I will be EXHAUSTED!  I will already have a constant stream of nurses and doctors coming to check on me and the cub.  I need the other time to REST and prepare to take this baby home and do this on our own!
  3. Breast Feeding – yeah, that’s our goal.  So please understand how difficult, awkward, and uncomfortable it is to try and get that whole process going while also entertaining guests, or having to ask guests to step out of the room for a minute.  I need some privacy here people.
  4. It’s only a short time – If all goes well, we will only be in the hospital for less than 48 hours.  We promise we will send pictures out to the world, and we promise as soon as we get home we will start letting visitors come see our new love.

Yes, this is just a plan.  If we feel differently once we are in the hospital we will be sure to let you all know…but for now…don’t plan on coming to the hospital.  This is a decision Joe and I have talked about, prayed about, and discussed at length.  We are in a agreement here, and there is no tearing down this wall.  We have no other motive than to just make the best choice for our family.

We really do love, value, and appreciate every single one of you and can’t wait for you to meet our cub….just give us a minute to settle in first 🙂  We will call you when we are ready for visitors.