Cheap Sweetness ~ You Float My Boat

It has been a while since I have shared a “Cheap Sweetness” idea with you all, and to be honest, it has been a while since I have actually done anything like this.  These 2Teachers are wrapping up the school year and have been super duper busy, but after I sat here and watched my husband spend his Saturday helping one neighbor fix his air conditioner, then help another neighbor fix his lawn mower, and finally do a job for a third neighbor to fix his son’s car, I figured he deserved a little something to let him know I love and appreciate him.

I jumped on the computer and went to my favorite place for these kind of ideas,  I found this super cute idea and went to work creating my own version.


I thought this little “You Float My Boat” basket was so cute, and a perfect cool treat after Hubs’ long day of work.  I started by creating my tags and labels on my Silhouette.


I used my Gold Sketch Pen to let the Silhouette draw out the designs on a piece of cardboard so the tags would be stiff.


I know I am a craft-dork, but I get so excited watching the Silhouette work.  It just amazes me!  After the design was finished, I cut them out and used my colored pencils and markers to add a little more color.


Of course, I had tons of help while I worked.  The girls LOVE when I craft, because they get to chill out in the cool basement.


So here are my dorky notes that I added to the bottles for the ice cream floats.  (PS – Dorky is how we show our love around here 🙂


Aren’t they super cute?  I added the overall gift tag, the bottles, some mason jars (because what else do southerner’s use for ice cream floats??), straws, spoons, and of course some yummy vanilla ice cream to a basket I had around the house.


Hubs was super surprised when he came in the door, and couldn’t wait to have a float for dessert!  Here we are with our Dorky selves enjoying our floats…


Hubs really did enjoy his little surprise!  I hope I can give him more days of appreciation now that I have more time to spare.



Dark Shadows Date Night

Halloween was a great night this year.  We spent an hour or so on the front porch with the pups handing out candy to all the super cute trick-or-treaters, then headed down to the basement for a Dark Shadows {Stay-at-Home} Date Night!

The girls got all dressed up for a fun night of handing out free kisses to all the kids (and receiving lots of pets too!)


Last year Harley was too small to understand what was going on, and Willow was so wild that Hubs had to walk her around the neighborhood to get her to calm down.  This year we tried a new tactic.  We borrowed a large piece of plexi-glass and barricaded the pups on the porch.  They LOVED this because they got to see all the kiddos and everyone gave them attention….they are BIG attention hogs!


When we were ready to head in, I had a little surprise date waiting for the Hubs.  Yes, this theme fit perfectly with Halloween night, but you could re-create this date any time you might want to watch Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp!

So let me tell you a little about the movie and how I planned out the date night.

“Dark Shadows is a 2012 American horror comedy film, based on the gothic soap opera of the same name that was produced for television between 1966 and 1971. The film is directed by Tim Burton and stars Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, a 200-year-old vampire who has been imprisoned in a coffin. Collins is eventually unearthed and makes his way back to his mansion, now inhabited by his dysfunctional descendants. Collins also discovers that his jealous ex-lover, Angelique Bouchard, played by Eva Green, has taken over the town’s fishing business that was once run by the Collins family (Bouchard is a witch who was responsible for transforming Collins into a vampire). Michelle Pfeiffer also stars as Collins’ cousin, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, the reclusive matriarch of the Collins family.”  {source}


I used some of the characters and settings in the story to set up a fun and creative date night for the Hubs and I . (I rented the movie for only $1 at Redbox!)


So to go along with our theme of a Dark Shadows Movie Night, I started by making these delicious Vampire Bite Cookies! (Because Johnny Depp plays a Vampire, of course!)


They were yummy shortbread cookies, stuffed with raspberry jam filling.  You can go here to to grab the recipe! (They really were yummy – Hubs ate like 5 in less than 5 minutes)


We washed down our Vampire Bite Cookies with Blue Poweraide.  Why?  Because the local pub in the town of Collinsworth (in the movie) is where all the town’s problems are solved, and it is called “The Blue Whale”

After we enjoyed a little snack, we spent some time making a little Dark Shadows Mansion of our own!


We had such a fun time making our Dark Shadows House while we watched the movie.  It was a great finish to a perfect Halloween night!

Cheap Sweetness ~ 35 Reasons Why…

Let me tell you a secret about my hubs….he hates chocolate!  I know, weird huh?  Well, he does make one exception…he loves Twix Bars!  So with Halloween season going on I grabbed up a bag of the mini Twix Bars and put a little plan in motion to let the Hubs know how much I love him.

love 2

I dumped out the bag of candy, counted the bars (36), ate one, subtracted one from my total (35), and then pulled out the computer.  I used a label template to make sure my sayings were all the same size (OCD much?) and would fit on the mini Twix bars when I cut them out.  I typed out 35 reasons why I love my Hubs, some sweet, some funny, and some very serious.  I printed, cut out, and taped one reason to each Twix Bar and filled up the container next to his side of the bed (I knew I would find a use for that container!).  He was super surprised to find his box of love, and enjoyed having one little treat (sometimes a few more than one) each night and reading the reasons why I love him so much!

love 1

$ Cost of Cheap Sweetness = $2.99 for the bag of Twix, I already had the paper, tape, and box!

A Warm Home = A Happy Wife

Since Nasty Sandy and the Nor’easter have blown through, the temps around here in Georgia have gotten down right chilly!  I can’t stand to be cold, so I was glad to have some firewood on hand to warm the home.

Oh yeah….and “Having a Fire”was on my bucket list too!  (perfect timing)


* Side note – I went ahead and marked “carved a pumpkin” off the list since it is the one bucket list item that we won’t get accomplished this year.  There was just so much going on in October that we had to prioritize….pumpkin carving had to go.

fire 1fire 2fire 3fire 4

I have the best Hubs….and he makes the BEST fires!  (the pics above and below were AFTER we turned off the gas starter….he rocks!)

fire 5

Of course as soon as the fire was rolling, I was sitting right in front of it sucking up all the heat (I learned that from my momma :0) !

I hope you are all enjoying some cozy warm fires with your family too and staying warm!!


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Cheap Sweetness ~ A Flashback

Do you remember those sweet mixed-tapes that your letter-jacket-wearing-boyfriend would make for you back in the day?  They were always so sweet with all the mushy love songs that would make you cry and tell all your girlfriends about what an awesome guy you had and would never let go…

AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative WorksPhoto (some rights reserved) by Ani-Bee

Well, I decided to try a much more up-to-date version of the  mixed tape to show the hubs how amazing he is to me.  I started by jumping over to YouTube and hunting down some of those classic songs that remind me of the Hubs.

Here is my final playlist – I tried to make the final playlist about 30 minutes long to last for the duration of his ride to work.


How did you get these songs off YouTube and saved as an MP3, you ask??  Well, I found this post on Pinterest and thought it was too good to be true….but it really worked!!


Um…THANK YOU!  I am not sure if it is totally ethical or not, but I am not selling or even handing out the songs, I am only using them for this one little purpose of cheering up my hubby.  If I am wrong, I will come back and take down this post quickly…but until then….

So once I had all my MP3’s on a flash drive (because our new Kia accepts flash drive content – whoop whoop!) I had to find the perfect time to sneak down and get the car all set up.


I put the flash drive in place and set the car on the USB-flash drive mode, so that as soon as Hubs turned on the car, the songs would start playing.


Then I put this sweet little note on the wheel so he knew why his typical morning playlist had been sabotaged! Smile 



I can imagine the smile on his face as he thinks about all these songs and where we were, what we were doing, and the memories we were making the first time we heard them together.

$$$ Cost of this cheap sweetness – nada, zilch, ZERO dollars!  Gotta Love it!

Update:  If I had known that the flash drive content would show up on his radio monitor with the words exactly how I saved it, I would have tried to think of something sweet, cute, or a memory to save each song as so that it would show up on his screen as the song played.  Just one more little touch to make it more personal.  Unfortunately, I was setting this up at the last minute.  Oh well, I will save it for next time!

Cheap Sweetness ~ I love you to Pieces!

I love my hubs more than anything!  He is always taking care of our house, and our family.  The other day I put together this little surprise and hid it in his lunch box so he would find it when he opened his lunch at work.

IMG_1524 copy

All I used was a small little (jalapeno jelly) jar. {I keep EVERY jar that ever comes through this house – no matter how big or small – you never know when you will use them!}  I filled it with Reece’s  Pieces candies, glued a little piece of scrap fabric on the top, and used a sharpie to write a sweet little note.

IMG_1525 copy

Hubs loved it!  He said he was super surprised and loved thinking about me as he chowed down on his little treat…he didn’t even save any for me! :0)

Total Cost = $0.99 for the bag of pieces!

Cheap Sweetness – Dynamite Day!

I have been on a mission to go above and beyond to show the hubs how much he means to me.  I have been trying to do something a little special for him whenever I can, and today I am going to start sharing those ideas with you.  They are all super cheap, super sweet ideas that you can do for your mate too! I get many/most of my ideas from the Dating Divas Blog, so take a minute to hop over to their blog and check out their plethora of ideas. And hey…do me a favor…if you try something out, come back and leave me a comment here to tell me how it went over with the mate. :0)


During Hub’s first week back at school, I know he was having a hard time getting back in the groove of waking up early, getting the dogs out in the morning, and taking the long drive back to work.  I wanted to let him know I was thinking about him, so I made up this little treat and had it waiting for him on the basement steps when he came home.

I stopped by the store and picked up a can of Pringles (my hubs LOVES Pringles :0), typed up the dynamite stick on the computer (ignore the mis-spelling, if you know me, you know spelling is NOT my strength), glued the label on, and glued on a “fuse” and placed it in the prime location for discovery. :0)


It was a big hit with hubby – he was totally not expecting it and loved the extra thought and energy I put into showing him I was thinking about him. Total Cost = $1.29 (for the Pringles), everything else I had on hand.   Try it out for yourself and see what reaction you might get.